10 artists that I like: #9 George Janny and friend

I discovered the work of Austrian artist, Georg Janny in one of the Chris Beetle's Illustrations catalogs. His work (watercolor and quache) struck me as amazing. And The last five images are by Arnold Bocklin who's work I've loved ever since happening on a small art book of his work in my University book store way back in 1970.

What a mysterious story this image by G. Janny has to tell.

Then I stumbled upon this one in another auction catalog it's called 'Hunting Mushrooms in the Old Forest'. Slow down and take a look at the faces in the trees as well as the very mobile mushrooms in the foreground.

Over the years I've collected a few more images gathered from online auction houses and discovered that he was a very well know set designer for the theatre and a landscape painter too.


I'd love to know more about his life and, of course see a LOT more images by Janny.

Beautiful and mysterious.


I love this dragon!
I've got a postcard image of this and the previous image on order. When they arrive I'll scan those in and replace these two very low rez scans so you can see them better.


And since there weren't so many images of G. Janny's work to share with you I thought that I'd threw in a few from Arnold Bocklin, a German painter of mythological scenes.


Isn't this one by Bocklin great!


What fun!
— with Martha Lambert LeMaster, Susie Pennoyer, Bev Brooks Sutton, Barbara Wynns and Lydia Dodson.

I think I can smell the rut on that goat-man from here!
— with Mila Elaine Phipps.

This is a version of his most famous painting, The Isle of the Dead. He painted at least four versions of this image, all with there own telling details. One of them is on display at The Met in NYC.

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